AD/HD Linked to Suicide and other Psychological Problems

This morning, Boston Children’s Hospital and the Mayo Clinic released data from a longitudinal study showing that AD/HD often persists into adulthood and can bring with it numerous undesirable effects.  The study followed 5,718 children in Rochester, Minnesota, including 232 participants with a diagnosis of ADHD.

“Good Sleep” Life Style

Throughout my life and over the years of my practice the concerns of healthy sleep have always been of interest. Not only is sleep just a good idea, it is essential for a healthy mind and body. This has led many professionals to pursue education and practices related to sleep cycles, science, mental techniques (such as relaxation, guided imagery, self hypnosis/self talk and thought control techniques). Though all of this is very interesting and has its place, I have found that the basics are often missing that cause sleep disturbances from children to the elderly. So, what are the basics of healthy sleep practices (sleep hygiene)?

Intelligent Yoga - The Best Antidepressant

“Today is a great day to be alive,” said my dad over 25 years ago.  At age 38 he suffered his first heart attack and by age 40 he had three other heart attacks and triple bypass heart surgery.   At that time, the doctors informed my dad that the surgery was only good for about ten years.  At the ten year mark we looked at each other with wonderment on whether or not his ticker would tick anymore.  You know what he said to me?  “Today is another great day to be alive.”  And now, 25 years later and some hypertension medicine he is still phoning me each day telling me that “today is a great day to be alive.”  What my dad has been practicing all these years, and before Madonna made it cool to down dog, was Intelligent Yoga. 

Anxiety and Anger…Is There a Link?

Is there a link between anxiety and anger?  A new study shows that that is the case.

Local officials mull over gun violence, mental health issues

Dr. Young was recently interviewed by The Oakland Press for his thought on gun violence and mental health issues.
Click here to read the full article.

National No Name-Calling Week

Bullying and teen suicide is a rapidly rising issue in the school systems. No Name-Calling Week was founded to improve community awareness to help in the fight against bullying and is supported by the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Thousands of schools across the nation participate in this awareness every year by integrating educational materials about verbal bullying into their curriculum. By raising awareness staff and students alike can learn the harmful effects of bullying and ways to put an end to it, creating a safe and healthier learning environment.

January is National “Thank you” Month

Danke, grazie, merci, gracias, spasibo, thank you! No matter how you say thank you, say it this month. January is National Thank You Month; feel free to join RCBM in celebrating this month.

Dr. Joel Young interviewed by The Daily Beast

Dr. Joel Young was recently interviewed by Diane Dimond at The Daily Beast / Newsweek about Nancy Lanza, click here to read the article.

Dr. Young Discusses the Aftermath of the Newtown Tragedy

As a forensic psychiatrist, many media outlets are asking for Dr. Young's thoughts about the tragedy in Connecticut.

RCBM’s response to the Sandy Hook tragedy

In the wake of Friday’s unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut, the RCBM staff has begun to discuss ways that we can do our part.  It is easy to feel powerless when something like this happens but important to respond in constructive ways, even if they seem small in the aftermath of such tremendous loss.