Down Syndrome, A Family Perspective

We received a call 16 months ago that forever changed our lives.  We were asked to adopt a baby boy with down syndrome - Noah.

October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness  month and along with a diagnosis of breast cancer comes some very strong psychological reactions.  These affect the patient as well as family members.  The initial reaction to a diagnosis of breast cancer can vary from individual to individual depending on coping styles, age of the patient,  pre and post-operative expectations, and psychological functioning.  Many patients experience reactions of anxiety, grief, hopelessness and helplessness.

Spice, a Dangerous Drug

The proliferation of the synthetic hallucinognes contuines. Although there has been recent legislation and initiative to limit availability of synthetic drugs, they continue to be seen in southeastern Michigan. There are reports, some confirmed, some not, of domestic violence associated with these substances. Spice is marketed under a number of different names including; K-2, Black Mamba, Red X Dawn, and Blaze. These drugs have been outlawed throughout the country and Michigan is following suit. 

Mental Health Disorders Across the Lifespan

The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recently published a survey of 10,000 adolescents. The study found nearly one in five children meet criteria for a psychiatric disorder. Many times these disorders persist across their lifespan. The most common conditions were anxiety and behavioral disorders, closely followed by mood disorders. Nearly 11.4% had substance use disorders. 

The Benefits of Clinical Research Participation

Did you know that the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine is an active clinical research site?  Which begs the question…just what IS clinical research?  Many potential participants may write it off due to a lack of understanding, which is unfortunate because clinical research is a valuable treatment offering and provides close attention and cutting edge care to those in need.  Our medical director and primary investigator, Joel L. Young, M.D., is in charge of all medical care. Our staff of 4 clinical coordinators work closely with all study participants from the beginning to the end of the trial.

AD/HD and Summertime

For many families, and certainly many students, the summer represents a time of relaxation and recharging your batteries. Indeed it should be. Still, summer is a perfect opportunity to work with your doctor to improve your child’s ADHD medicine. This is the time to optimize the dose, perhaps try new medications, or terminate medications.  These changes might not be undertaken during the school year due to potential interference with academic performance or school behavior. Personally, I dislike starting or changing medications in late August or September because it interferes with the first weeks of school. July and August are great months to do this work.