Benjamin Young, MS

Ben is currently working with the Clinical Trials Group at RCBM. In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration will likely approve ketamine as a novel treatment for treatment-resistant depression. The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine is developing guidelines for this new modality and Ben is playing a pivotal role in this regard. Ben recently completed a paper on ketamine and its applications in psychiatric medicine.  It has been adapted as an RCBM guideline.

Ben also serves as a psychometrician here at the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine.  Ben has been directly involved in the development and implementation of RCBMetrics, the clinic’s unique system of detecting complex psychiatric diagnoses.  He works with patients and their clinicians in collecting comprehensive psychological data and composing organized reports, a foundation for accurate diagnosing and proper therapies.  During this initial phase in the overall treatment plan, Ben believes that the screening process offers an insightful and rewarding experience for patients.

Ben is a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts where he majored in history.  Ben recently received his Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.