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Clinical Trials Group RCBM ResearchWhat is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is any research study that assigns human participants to ethical health-related experiments to evaluate the effects on health outcomes. Clinical trials are primarily designed to test the effects of a new or existing treatment on an illness or disease.

Who participates in a Clinical Trial?

Participants in clinical trials and clinical research are everyday people with normal lives who may or may not even know they qualify for a research study at RCBM!

Are you 6-65?

Are you a relatively healthy individual?

Do you have reliable transportation to and from Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine?

Then you could be part of a Clinical Research Trial at RCBM!

Why be part of a Clinical Trial at Rochester Center?

If you participate in a Clinical Trial at RCBM, you are eligible for stipends for your time and travel as well as NO cost to you! Depending on the trial, the compensation varies. Even if you do not have insurance, you are also able to participate! Clinical Trials do not go through insurance. If eligible for the Clinical Trial, you may receive the newest treatment options available in junction with helping others and moving science forward. During the Clinical Trial, you might end up finding relief, feel better overall and achieve personal goals that were once thought unattainable!

If you are interested in participating in a Clinical Trial at Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine, please click here or call Emily Lindenbaum at 248-608-8800 x248.

Meet Our Professionals

Joel L. Young, MD, Principal Investigator the Clinical Trials Group, Medical Director of RCBM

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Lori Niewiarowski BS, MS, Clinical Research Project Manager

Lori large.jpgLori Niewiarowski is the Research Project Manager, Rater and Clinical Research Coordinator at the Clinical Trials Group. She graduated from Madonna University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She comes to RCBM with over 10 years experience in patient care, which includes Henry Ford health systems and the Detroit Medical Center. She also graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Master’s in Clinical Research. Lori has extensive experience with conducting clinical research in various specialties. Her main focus is ethics and clinical trial management with emphasis in quality control.

Dana Hauser, BS, Clinical Research Coordinator & Regulatory Specialist

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Dana Hauser is a senior research staff member at the Clinical Trials Group. Dana has over 11 years experience in healthcare including clinical research, healthcare administration, and patient care, spanning multiple health systems in Michigan and out of state. She graduated from Kaplan University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Nutrition. Dana is currently working on her thesis to complete her Masters of Administration and Management from Central Michigan University. At CTG, Dana enjoys coordinating and managing research trials for adults and adolescents in a variety of CNS and sub-specialty areas of study. In addition, Dana has generous knowledge of the geriatric population, specifically in nephrology and cardiac related clinical research studies.

Emily Lindenbaum BBA, Clinical Research Coordinator, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

Emily medium.jpgEmily is an administrative marketing and advertising professional in healthcare and business who supports the ethical and confidential considerations related to research and good clinical practice. Her past experience in advertising, marketing, public relations and content creation adds to the media and online presence of not only the Clinical Trials Group, but RCBM as a large private practice. Emily coordinates and conducts clinic visits with patients and recruitment responsibilities for the Clinical Trials at RCBM. She is training to become a rater on all scales for CNS related trials. She has a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing at Grand Valley State University. She is currently getting her Masters in Art Therapy Education at Wayne State University.

The Clinical Trials Group at RCBM conducts FDA mandated research studies for the evaluation of investigational medications or new indications for existing medications. These studies are undertaken to assess the safety and effectiveness of these medications. If in the aggregate the medications are deemed acceptable by the FDA, they are released to market for consumers. Our Clinical Research team works in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to study medication-based treatments for various conditions. All of these studies are highly regulated and monitored continuously by independent third parties.