Important Information

Please Bring In/Send In New Insurance Cards

Happy new year!  Please remember to provide your new insurance card before your appointment so that we can update your charts accordingly and verify your coverage. You can also email a copy of your new card (front and back) to to verify coverage before you come for your next appointment.  Thank you!

Prescription Refill Policy Updates (1/1/2019)

Please note the following changes to our prescription refill policies:

1. We are unable to accept prescription refill requests from pharmacies.

2. As of January 1, 2019, RCBM is no longer able to provide 90-day prescriptions for controlled substances (which include AD/HD stimulant medications and benzodiazepines). This new policy has been created with the safety of our patients in mind.

3. Due to updated regulations (June 2018), our office must access your prescription history report before processing your refill request. As a result, your prescriptions may take 1-3 business days to process.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

RCBM Press Release on Adderall Abuse

Recent research out of Johns Hopkins has delved into Adderall misuse.  RCBM takes medication misuse very seriously.  Our response is detailed in the above press release.

RCBM’s Stance on Guns and Mental Illness

Gun control has been a heated and divisive topic for our nation, but RCBM's views on this subject are unwavering. We believe that it is an unnecessary risk for individuals with mental illness to have access to guns.

Symptoms of mental illness vary from one individual to the next. We believe that access to guns is contraindicated in patients with a history of any of the following symptoms:

  • -difficulty thinking clearly
    • -impulse dyscontrol
    • -suicidal ideation and/or a past suicide attempt
    • -homicidal ideation
    • -anger issues and/or violent tendencies
    • -hopelessness
    • -psychosis (hallucinations, delusions)
    • -carrying a vendetta against another person or entity

We have heard tragic stories of individuals gaining access to guns thought to be secured, so it is our opinion that locking guns away is not enough.

Ultimately, it is up to patients and their families to have this conversation and make the appropriate decisions. We urge you to make SAFETY your highest priority.

RCBM’s Updated Policy Regarding Controlled Substance Prescriptions (February 2018)

Thank you for entrusting us with your mental health care. In order to provide you with the best and safest care, the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine has modified our protocol for the prescription of controlled substances.  

Beginning in 2018, any patients being prescribed controlled substances by our office will be subject to random urine drug screens one to two times per year. In the event that your urine drug screen reveals an unexpected result, you will have an opportunity to discuss this finding with your provider in a non-judgmental, solution-focused manner.

In addition, we will be asking our patients to review and sign the attached contract (click title to view this document) to indicate your understanding of our policies related to controlled substance prescriptions.

We appreciate the opportunity to care for you!