For CRO's and Sponsors

For CRO's and Sponsors

For CROs & Sponsors

Ctgrcbm logo online 300x105 png.pngThe Clinical Trials Group is part of the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine, an outpatient behavioral health practice north of Detroit. The Clinical Trials group is an integrated and fully functional research site within RCBM that has vast experience in clinical research. The Principal Investigator, Joel Young, MD, has participated in over 100 clinical trials over the last 15 years.

Areas of Expertise:

Though best known for our research in CNS studies, the Clinical Trials Group spans the scientific gamut, from pediatrics to geriatrics, primary care to sub-specialty medicine. In recent years, our expertise in Women’s health has grown tremendously. Our knowledge and experience are constantly expanding and evolving.

Research Expertise


Geriatric Medicine


CNS studies




Primary Care

Pulmonary Medicine
Women’s Health


A registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world:

Direct link to patient information about clinical research:

Learn about the drug development process and why clinical research is important.