Academic and Cognitive Evaluations for Learning Disorder or Intellectual Disability

RCBM offers Academic and Cognitive evaluations for both children, adolescent and adult individuals. This program is designed to assess individuals for Learning Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Cognitive Strengths/Weaknesses, and any co-morbidities.


Screening:Initially, patients will be scheduled for an intake with one of our clinicians, after which they will be scheduled for a 3-hour comprehensive screening assessing for Academic Skills, Cognitive Skills, Attention, Anxiety, Mood, etc. This screening session allows us to ensure that we are pinpointing the exact cause of one’s academic difficulties, which can be due not only to the experience of a Learning Disorder, but also to Inattention, Anxiety, etc. Additionally, this screening session allows us to better focus our Academic/Cognitive Evaluations such that we only assess the pertinent academic and/or cognitive areas as part of this evaluation.


After the screening session, patients will meet with their primary clinician at RCBM in order to review the results of the screening. If the clinician believes that the screening results may be indicative of a Learning Disorder or Intellectual Disability, the patient will be referred for our full Academic/Cognitive evaluation with one of our psychologists - this step is necessary in order to establish a formal medical diagnosis of Learning Disorder/Intellectual Disability.


Academic/Cognitive Evaluation: The Academic/Cognitive Impairment evaluation can take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours to complete, depending on the academic areas being assessed, and whether a cognitive assessment is being requested. Psychologists administering this evaluation have training in both school and counseling psychology, and consequently have an understanding of the school system and assessment services utilized in the schools. The Following Assessments are administered as part of our Adademic/Cognitive Evaluations:


Ø  Woodcock Johnson IV- Tests of Academic Achievement:Is an individually administered assessment that allows for the objective assessment of one’s reading, writing, and math skills.

Ø  Woodcock Johnson IV- Tests of Cognitive Abilities:Is an individually administered assessment that allows for the objective assessment of one’s cognitive abilities, including verbal reasoning, fluid reasoning, working memory, processing speed, etc. This assessment also produces an I.Q. score.


Upon completion of the full evaluation, a report will be created and reviewed with the patient and their family. A copy of the report will be provided to the school upon request and with written consent.


Screening is covered under some but not all insurance plans. RCBM is unable to bill insurance for the full Academic/Cognitive evaluation at this time.


Note: If your child demonstrates an academic need (meaning grades of D or lower in one or all academic areas), your school is required (upon your request) to review your child’s academic history in order to determine whether an academic assessment is warranted for your child. If they feel it is warranted, the school will conduct a comprehensive evaluation free of charge in order to determine whether your child necessitates an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan. Clinicians at RCBM can act as your advocate, helping you to receive the pertinent testing for your child at their school.


If you would like Academic/Cognitive testing to be conducted at RCBM, we can conduct these evaluations in order to provide a medical diagnosis for a Learning Disorder or Intellectual Disability, or to provide a second opinion. For additional information or to schedule an intake appointment for this evaluation, please call 248-608-8800.


Below is a PDF version of our Academic/Cognitive Evaluation Handout:

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