Adult Weight Management Program

According to the CDC, more than 32.7% of U.S. adults are overweight and 37.9% are obese. Overweight and obesity can cause or be caused by mental health symptoms. RCBM offers a comprehensive approach to weight management, offering medical and behavioral strategies to address weight concerns. Each patient has a treatment plan tailored to his needs and preferences.

-Your prescriber can explore medication options to address underlying cravings and decrease hunger, including:




In addition, you and your prescriber can discuss whether any of your existing medications could be contributing to weight concerns

-Your therapist will work with you to:

-Identify triggers to unhealthy eating (wrong food choices or over-eating)

-Assess underlying mental health issues contributing to weight issues

-Explore maladaptive habits and replace them with healthy ones

-Involve family members (when appropriate) who can help support you as you work toward your goals

-Help to pave the way for sustained lifestyle changes.

-Bariatric surgery evaluations: Most doctors who perform bariatric surgery require a psychiatric evaluation to ensure that the patient is ready to make and sustain the lifestyle changes to support a bariatric surgery. RCBM clinicians can conduct these evaluations and provide a report to the referring physician.

We look forward to assisting you on your weight loss journey!