A Note to Referring Clinicians—What you can expect from Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

We appreciate the many referrals we receive from our primary care and other non-psychiatric colleagues in the community.  RCBM thought it might be helpful to outline our protocol for diagnosing and managing new patients.

Patients seeking treatment for AD/HD, mood disorders or anxiety disorders may be required to complete a psychological assessment.  RCBMetrics is a 3-hours diagnostic evaluation which assesses for substance use disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders and mood and anxiety disorders.  This process also incorporate collateral feedback from loved ones and, when relevant, teachers.  RCBMetrics is utilized whenever necessary to make a sound and informed treatment plan.

RCBM utilizes MAPS (the Michigan Automated Prescription System). This allows us to identify the patient's full prescribing history and facilitate our communication with other prescribing clinicians. We have instituted a new policy (2018) of random urine drug screening for all patients taking controlled substance medications. Please click here to learn more about this initiative. As always, individuals newly on psychotropic medications are strongly encouraged to participate in psychotherapy or coaching.  We are committed to the biopsychosocial model, which integrates talk therapy and biological interventions. As we are all concerned about misuse and diversion of controlled substances, we notify patients that they are expected to return for medication reviews at intervals no greater than three months. 

The Rochester Center is committed to safe, state-of-the-art mental health care. If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to email our Executive Director, Jaime Saal, MA, LPC, at jsaal@rcbm.net.

Thank you for entrusting your patients with us!