Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services at RCBM

Our goal is to help your child lead the most normal and successful life that he or she can lead. Through therapeutic work with the child, the family, and the school, we can help your child and family to navigate your child's diagnosis and create peace of mind for you, the parent, and your child, and harmony within your household. At RCBM, we believe that many diagnoses relate back to the family. Many diagnoses can begin in childhood and it takes the child, the family and an appropriate clinician and action plan to lead to successful treatment. For the child, we provide therapy, medication management and counseling for school-related issues (learning, discipline, academia, anxiety, etc). As for the parents, we provide individual, couple’s and family therapy and counseling for all issues related to the family. Whether it’s dealing with smaller life adjustment or a serious issue such as a loss of a loved one or terminal illness, RCBM is here to offer our full support to you, your child and your family.

Child and Family Services Include:


Aliya Pasik, PA-C

Program Director, Addiction Recovery Clinic

Jaime Saal, MA, LPC, NCC

Executive Director, Board Certified Counselor

Joel L. Young, MD

Medical Director

Kendra Niemi, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC

Program Director, Sexual Health and LGBTQ Services

Lisa Michaux, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

Program Director, Child and Adolescent Services

Melissa Oleshansky, PhD, LP, RYT

Director of the Mind/Body Program

Sarah Hutton, M.D.

General Psychiatry